CAMY Fund announces new and renewal grantee partners for 2016


The Central America and Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund) is pleased to announce its new and renewal grantee partners as part of Round 1 of our 2016 grantmaking.

Though this grantmaking round was the fourth for the CAMY Fund it represented various firsts for us. Namely, this was the first round with funding from a new partner, the first to be invite-only and the first to include El Salvador.

We are very excited about our new growth and our new grantee partners. Bringing them on nearly doubles our portfolio and expands both our topical and geographical coverage.

In El Salvador:

Sara García, 30, will lead Agrupación Ciudadana por el Aborto Terapéutico, Ético y Eugenésico’s project. Agrupación Ciudadana will carry out a public opinion survey to inform their strategy to promote women’s reproductive health and rights in the country. They will also implement a series of outreach and mobilization actions, together with allied organizations, as part of their social communication strategy to promote women’s reproductive health and rights.

Alina Menjivar, 31, will lead the Asociación Colectiva de Mujeres por el Desarrollo Local’s project which will directly disseminate information to young women about their sexual and reproductive health in addition to using broader outreach strategies such as social media and the organization’s radio programs.

Joel Alexander Barrera Granados, 29, will lead Red Nacional de Adolescentes y Jóvenes Positivos de El Salvador in training health professionals and monitoring service quality in three youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health clinics. This project builds on work that has been carried out to date with UNFPA El Salvador in other clinics around the country. Red Nacional de Adolescentes y Jóvenes Positivos will also engage in advocacy with health authorities to make improvements to services in areas that are identified through the monitoring.

Noel de Jesus Gonzalez Mendoza, 29, will lead Jóvenes Voceras y Voceros por los Derechos Sexuales y los Derechos Reproductivos in training and strengthening the skills of the organization’s 25 members. The group will then carry out various outreach and informational activities including workshops, plays, radio programs and fairs with the aim of increasing support and activism by young people for sexual and reproductive rights in the country.

In Honduras:

Angela Rovelo, 21, will lead the project to be carried out by Asociación GOJoven Honduras which aims to increase public support and advocacy among young people for the decriminalization of emergency contraception in the country. Asociación GOJoven Honduras will provide trainings and engage in social media campaigns as well as collaborate with allies in strategic advocacy with decision-makers.

Jossue Humberto Villanueva Linares, 29, is the leader for Asociación de Organismos No Gubernamentales’s project (ASONOG). This project aims to improve quality in youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services in two municipalities in Honduras through service monitoring and training of health professionals. ASONOG will also strengthen the skills of 50 young people so they can continue to advocate for these services.

Grecia Lozano, 22, is the leader for the Centro de Derechos de Mujeres’s project which aims to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in Honduras through strategic advocacy and a high-level communication strategy, to be implemented in collaboration with like-minded organizations.

Ana Lucía Pérez, 29, is the leader for the project to be carried out by a consortium of organizations called the Grupo Estrategico por la Despenalización de las PAE. The Grupo Estrategico has been working since 2014 to advocate for the elimination of the ministerial decree that prohibited and penalized the distribution and use of Emergency Contraception in the country. The Grupo Estrategico will engage in high-level outreach and advocacy with key decision makers to decriminalize emergency contraception in Honduras. They will also build upon their successful communication campaign developed last year by training youth social media activists to help increase its reach.

In Guatemala:

Joseline Velasquez Morales, 23, and Ingrid Gálvez, 31, will jointly lead GOJoven Guatemala’s project to inform key state and municipal decision makers, including lawyers, judges and local elected officials, about the recent reform in Guatemala that increased the age of marriage from 14 years for girls and 16 years for boys to 18 years for both. GOJoven Guatemala will collaborate with the Human Rights Attorney’s office to disseminate this new legislation in 12 states around the country. They will also launch a communication campaign aimed at both citizens and decision-makers about the reform.

Sandra Cocón, 30, will lead Women’s Justice Initiative’s project to expand their existing girls empowerment program to new communities in the municipality of Patzun, Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Through skill-building and empowerment workshops for girls, awareness raising sessions with parents and the development of advocacy plans with community leaders, they will increase support for young girls to pursue their personal goals and delay marriage. Women’s Justice Initiative will provide legal support for specific cases of early marriage, should the need arise. You can find out more information about the Women’s Justice Initiative’s current project with the CAMY Fund here.

Benilda Martínez, 22, will lead COINCIDIR’s project to strengthen the organization’s community development center for adolescents and provide the courses and support necessary for young women to succeed in school. COINCIDIR will also monitor the agreements reached last year with the mayor of the municipality of San Luis Jilotepeque for improvements in local secondary schools to make them safer for girls. They will continue to educate parents and other community leaders about the importance of keeping girls in school until they graduate. You can find out more information about COINCIDIR’s current project with the CAMY Fund here.

The CAMY Fund believes in the capacity of each one of these project leaders, and the strength of their organizations, to achieve positive changes for girls and adolescents in their respective countries. Through tailored technical assistance strategies to be provided in-person and virtually, the CAMY Fund looks forward to working with project leaders to achieve our joint objectives in the coming year.