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Agrupación Ciudadana por el Aborto Terapéutico, Etico y Eugenésico.

Project Leader: Joshi Leban

Joshi will lead the project “Society Changed: The Fight for Decriminalization of Abortion Continues,” which will teach a class on reproductive rights at the National University of El Salvador and support a communication strategy including radio and social media. Additionally, it will strength the skills, arguments and voice of Agrupacion Ciudadana’s members as well as those of the Unión Médica Salvadoreña and the Sombrilla Centroamericana around reproductive rights.

Colectiva Amorales

Project Leader: Guadalupe Hernández

Guadalupe will lead the project, “Women Creating Art and Resistance for Women and their Autonomy,” which will carry out cultural and activist activities in favor of sexual and reproductive rights. These activities include festivals, movie-clubs, forums and street performances, as well as social media campaigns.

Jóvenes Voceras y Voceros por los Derechos Sexuales y los Derechos Reproductivos

Project co-leaders: Kathy Samayoa, Rodolfo Rivera & Cristina Escobar

Kathy, Rodolfo and Cristina will lead the project “Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Rights for Policy Advocacy,” which will strengthen the knowledge and skills of the organization’s members around sexual and reproductive health and rights and skills around advocacy and communications, and how to be a spokesperson. Additionally, it includes public advocacy activities and social media campaigns in favor of decriminalization of abortion.

Red de Jóvenes CoIncidir

Project Leader: Bryan Varela

Bryan will lead the project “Experiences of Young Women in Their Own Voice, for the Right to Bodily Autonomy,” which will carry out research on high-risk pregnancies and miscarriages among adolescents in five municipalities in El Salvador. Additionally, grant funds will support 15 workshops on sexual and reproductive rights and bodily autonomy for young people in the same municipalities.

Asociación de Jóvenes Feministas Ameyalli

Project Leader: Marcela López

Marcela will lead the project “Free Bodies, Justice for All,” which will develop a training manual for facilitating workshops to generate reflections on abortion, motherhood, the right to decide and decriminalization of abortion for adolescents and youth. Additionally, it includes an awareness raising campaign and festival on the impact of restrictive abortion laws on adolescents and young people.


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