Blanca Cristina Escobar Cartagena

Cristina is an Economics Student. She joined Jóvenes Voceras y Voceros en Derechos Sexuales y Derechos Reproductivos in 2016, for advocacy work.

She was part of the collective Las Hijas de Safo, which highlights the struggles  of lesbians in El Salvador, from a Lesbofeminist perspective. She participated in the Feminist Debate School and the Lesbofeminist Training School at Las Dignas; and in the Feminist Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Rights, offered by  Ixchel Women’s Association.

She has developed the minutes from  sexual rights and reproductive rights workshops given to the “Jóvenes con Todo” program in Soyapango and Ahuachapán; and the Specialized Diploma in Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights in the eastern region of the country (Usulután, Morazán and Santa Ana). She has extensive work experience as a surveyor in several projects.