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Corazón de Agua

Project leader: Gloria Ac Cacao, 24, and Elsa Chutá Gabriel, 26.

Gloria  and Elsa  will lead Corazón del Agua‘s project to carry out an assessment to understand the use, access and need for family planning methods in adolescents and young people in Alta Verapaz and Chimaltenango. It will determine the feasibility of opening a youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health center in Alta Verapaz. Corazón del Agua will also launch a communication strategy to promote the clinic among indigenous young people, along with leading health days and interactive fairs on sexual and reproductive health to benefit at least 500 young people in the communities of Alta Verapaz and Chimaltenango.

Asociación COINCIDIR

Project leader: Benilda Martínez, 25

Benilda Martínez will lead Asociación COINCIDIR‘s project to engage in local advocacy to increase the municipal budget and commitment to girls’ education and to achieve the sustainability of the organization’s Center for Adolescent Development. Additionally, Coincidir will provide workshops for 50 out-of-school adolescent girls from 5 communities in the municipality of San Luis Jilotepeque, and will carry out popular education outreach activities and intergenerational dialogues between adolescents and their parents to increase support for girls to stay in school.

GOJoven Guatemala

Project co-leaders: Joseline Esteffania Velásquez Morales, 26 y Blanca Ketzal’í Sipac Patal, 23

Joseline Esteffanía y Blanca Ketzal’í  will lead GOJoven Guatemala‘s project to provide training and support to public officials in two municipalities for the development of local policy related to forced pregnancies and unions. GoJoven will also disseminate their campaign, #NoForcedUnions, on two radio stations and through a webpage.

Women’s Justice Initiative

Project co-leaders: Sandra Cocón, 31Delfina Raquec, 30

Sandra and Delfina of Women’s Justice Initiative will lead the project, “Empowering Mayan Girls and Community Actors to Prevent Early Unions” to provide rights-based trainings on preventing early unions to 300 adolescent girls as well as their parents, teachers, health providers and municipal leaders. The project will also develop informational materials and educational resources for the girls and hold a municipal forum centered on early unions with key stakeholders.

Red de jóvenes para la incidencia política – Incide Joven

Project co-leaders:Kendra Alejandra Avilés Castellanos, 28, and Milena Raquel Oliva Alfaro, 29.

Kendra Alejandra  and Milena Raquel  will lead Red de Jóvenes para la Incidencia Política – Incide Joven’s project to provide workshops on sexual and reproductive health and rights for 80 students in four teaching schools and to engage them in a photo exhibit on their perceptions of adolescent pregnancy, early unions and sexual violence. INCIDEJOVEN will also engage in national advocacy on policy related to early unions, sexual rights and sexual violence.

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