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Centro de Derechos de Mujeres (CDM)

Project leader: Marcela Arias

Marcela will lead the project “Strengthening Alliances for Women’s Right to Decide”, which will strengthen the We Are Many coalition and reposition it in the media and with key allies nationally. Additionally, CDM will provide training on reproductive rights to key sectors including judges, journalists and health professionals, and evaluation of advocacy opportunities and monitoring for potential setbacks for those rights.

Centro de Estudios de la Mujer – Honduras (CEM-H)

Project leader: Ligia Destephen

Ligia will lead the project “Disseminating Sexual and Reproductive Rights at the Community Level,” which will provide training on reproductive rights to young women in marginalized neighborhoods around Tegucigalpa, Honduras as well as promote their participation in outreach campaigns. Grant funds will also support including the young women in networking and advocacy activities.

Centro de Promoción en Salud y Asistencia Familiar (Ceprosaf)

Project leader: María Betzabe Figueroa

Betzabe will lead the project “Aborting Myths, Prejudices and Stigma in Relation to the Decriminalization of Abortion for Three Exceptions,” which will provide training on the importance of decriminalization of abortion with 225 nurses and nursing students, as well as involve them in a forum of the We Are Many coalition.

Acción Joven

Project leader: Ana Fálope

Ana will lead the project #Let’sTalkAboutEC, which will coordinate the Strategic Group on Emergency Contraception and carry out high-level Executive and Judicial branch advocacy. Funds will also be used to develop informative bulletins and organize workshops and forums on Emergency Contraception for strategic audiences.

Comité por la Libre Expresión (C-Libre)

Project leader: Celeste Espinoza

Celeste will lead the project “I Have the Right to Know!” which will carry out and disseminate research on the Honduran government’s fulfillment of the right to access public information on sexual and reproductive health. Additionally, they will provide 2 workshops on sexual and reproductive rights to 45 journalists from throughout the country.

Red de Mujeres Jóvenes de Choluteca

Project leader: Shari Izaguirre 

Shari will lead the project, “School for Feminist Formation,” which will train 30 young women in feminist philosophy and action and support their participation in feminist activism for reproductive rights.

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