CAMY Fund announces new grantees in Guatemala

The Central America & Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund), has selected new grantees in Guatemala under Round 1 of our 2015 grantmaking.

The CAMY Fund was impressed by the response we received to this call for proposals. The three grantees recently selected were among 67 total applicants, from organizations across Honduras and Guatemala working towards increasing girls’ secondary school retention, raising the age of marriage or unions for girls and improving public policy or laws related to either of these two topics.

Benilda Martínez, 22, will be leading COINCIDIR’s project which seeks to increase the enrollment, retention and academic success of 150 girls in secondary school in the municipality of San Luis Jilotepeque in the department of Jalapa. COINCIDIR will organize and carry out a communication campaign and provide workshops to 200 parents on the importance of girls’ education. They will also provide trainings for teachers and recognize five schools as “safe places” for girls. Furthermore, COINCIDIR will establish a development center for adolescents that will offer diverse services, including a library and tutoring. Finally, COINCIDIR will also work to increase the municipal government’s investment in programs related to girls’ education through an advocacy strategy led by adolescents.

GOJoven Guatemala’s advocacy project will be led by Ingrid Galvez, 31. Taking advantage of a unique political moment with the forthcoming elections this fall, GOJoven Guatemala will design and lead an advocacy campaign to raise awareness about child marriage/early unions. GOJoven will collaborate with two key government institutions in developing a political agenda for youth, which will include tightening laws around child marriage/early unions. Candidates from different parties at the national level and in five departments will be asked to sign-on to this agenda. After the elections, GOJoven will follow-up with newly elected officials to ensure implementation of the agenda.

Elvia Raquec, 31 and Sandra Cocón, 28 are co-leaders for the project that Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI) will be carrying out in the municipality of Patzún in the department of Chimaltenango. WJI will train 150 adolescent girls between the ages of 11-16 to provide them with the knowledge and skills to assert their rights as young women. In addition, workshops will be provided to 150 parents and 60 community leaders on gender equality and the importance of extending the age of marriage/union. The grant will also cover the development of action plans with community leaders and legal advice for families in cases of child marriage.

In addition to funding, the CAMY Fund will by providing the aforementioned project leaders with technical assistance to improve their project management, monitoring and evaluation and leadership skills.

Please click here to learn more about our new grantees and the important work they are carrying out across Guatemala.