Fidelia Chub

Fidelia is originally from San Pedro Carchá, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. She is in the last semester of her Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy and Education Administration with a focus on the Environment. Fidelia worked for two years at the Talita Kumi Foundation as a Health and Nutrition Educator and as a computer instructor. She has worked as a Technician for ALAS since January 2013. Besides her professional work, Fidelia is in charge of a group of young people at her church that help youth who have gotten off track.

About herself Fidelia says that she is a “happy, enthusiastic, responsible, dynamic and proactive person.” She likes to innovate in all areas of her life and loves basketball and soccer as well as studying, supporting her family, reading and music. She likes to work with young people because she feels she is able to generate empathy with them.