As part of its commitment to strengthening project leaders, the CAMY Fund supported the participation of Agrupación Juvenil de Mujeres Activas-AMA and Women’s Justice Initiative – WJI in the workshop, Creative Leadership, offered by ArtCorps in Antigua, Guatemala on February 18-19, 2016. The two people that attended on behalf of these organizations, Cintia Pérez and Sandra Cocón, respectively, wrote the following blog about their experience.

Our participation in ArtCorps workshop on Creative Leadership

By Sandra Cocón and Cintia Pérez

The ArtCorps workshop lasted 18 hours and 24 young leaders participated from various civil society organizations with the intention of strengthening their leadership through art.

We built relationships with allied organizations

The primary objective of the workshop was to understand the key characteristics of creative thinking and how this relates to leadership. It also sought to cultivate self-reflection and awareness and in this way create spaces for meaningful participation. The topics covered in the workshop were: Creative Leadership, The Power of Art, Basics of Creative Leadership, Leadership and Creativity and Practical Innovation for Problem Solving.

The activities carried out during the workshop were intended to develop innovative leadership, collaboration and effectiveness for motivating others, involving community groups, mobilizing collective action and building prosperous organizations.

participantes con tallerista
Several participants with the facilitator, Luis Quino

Luis Quino, Program Officer for ArtCorps, was the workshop’s facilitator. His skills, and the methodology that he employed, helped us retain the information transmitted with greater ease. The workshop exercises were carried out using group and interactive methodologies with the objective of learning and applying the basics of creative leadership. Among the highlights of these exercises were: the development of a leadership tree and the group innovation challenge, among others.

cafe mundial
Participants in a work session

The workshop concluded with an activity called, “World Café,” where we shared what we had learned during the workshop and generated ideas on how to plan strategic projects that incorporate the arts.

During the workshop we identified and strengthened our power, personal identity and our creative leadership styles. We identified our skills and our own creativity. The tools provided were very helpful for improving our leadership in all spheres of our lives. As a result of the workshop we are more sure of ourselves and confident in our abilities. Art educates, heals and builds!